2014 Project Life week 36


I am playing catch up with my project life and trying not to take too much time on each week. That leads to less embellished pages but truthfully I find that I like those pages even more.  I used a ton of different products in this spread. I will put links on the bottom of the post.


I love the everyday boxes from Ali Edwards. I am trying to include more everyday  ordinary in my weekly spreads. I am always thinking that it’s boring to include that stuff, but I also try to remember that it won’t be boring to read about this stuff years down the road.


Here I used Ali’s digital stamp on a picture of where I meet the kids bus everyday.


Again, this one is really minimally embellished.  That’s ok.  Oh, and I am also trying to put more typed journaling directly on the photographs and I am liking how that is looking.  And I got to use my On My Desk label stickers which I love!

Thanks for looking!

Products Used

Poet Society _onelittlebird-artisan-JC-preview Valley High Sandlot Marks & Co _onelittlebird-prixfixe-preview _paislee-faves-JC-prv AEdwards_WhatTodayLookedLike_PREV_original AEdwards_EverydayBoxes_PREV_original OnMyDesk_OMD1013_LabelStickers-259x415


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