2015 Project Life Week 4

I had a great time working with new and old goodies from Paislee Press and One Little Bird on this weeks spread. Thanks for looking!




Products used

paislee press |
pictures + words no. 6
4×6 photo templates vol. 3
today is journaling cards
press cards no. 23
we circle tags and stamps
pictures + words no. 18

One Little Bird |
Fete journaling cards
weekly edition journaling cards



5 thoughts on “2015 Project Life Week 4

  1. Your pages are really pretty! Found your blog through Ali Edwards’ link. May I ask you two questions?

    What font size do you use?

    And: do you make 4×6 and 3×4 ‘cards’ and then clip them into the CZ-template, or do you put a photo and type the text directly in the template? If so, how? (Not sure if I am explaining what I mean well, I am Dutch and English is not my native language…) I love how you incorporate so much stories and would like to do that too, but first making a card and then clipping it in is such a hassle, especially when you make a typo which of course you discover when it is already clipped in…

    • Hi Anne! Thanks so much for your nice comments! For font size I try to stay around 10.5 but it doesn’t always stay that way depending on how much I want to write and how much room I have. As far as the cards, I usually add my photo onto the card that I am going to use and then clip it onto the template but I will add the text on a separate layer right on the template, because as you said it is such a pain to discover that something has to be changed or added after it’s already clipped. I don’t flatten the text layers until the very end when everything has been triple checked. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

      • Ah, I do have an other question then: how do you clip the photos on the template and make them… fit / the size you want? Do you make an extra square on your template on which you’ll clip the photo? Or do you resize the photo before you clip it onto your template?

        Yikes, this is difficult to explain! (I’m Dutch, English is not my native language…)

  2. Hey Anne! I normally do all my resizing of photos using a 4×6 or 3×4 template (usually ones by Paislee Press) before I move it over to my 12×12 Project Life Template. The only thing I do directly on the project life template is add my text (and of course embellishments). But you could totally put an extra square directly onto your template and then clip the photo onto that. That actually might be a better idea because you can resize the photo later on if you needed too.

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